How to Create Antique Photo Effects in Photoshop Touch Android

How to take a photo Antique or vintage photos in the app Photoshop touch. There are so many photo editing applications out there these days, both for computers and Android. As with photo editing applications for Android, it’s B612 or Picsay Pro, while for computers like Photoshop, CorelDraw, and others. For Photoshop itself, there are many designers using this application, in addition to having full functionality, it is also quite easy to use.

Along with the development of technology, this Photoshop application can now be used or used on Android phones, this application is called Photoshop Touch. As the name suggests, this Photoshop Touch application has almost the same functionality as Photoshop on a computer. This application is also pretty easy and can be run in a diary from Gingerbread OS to Kitkat OS. for those who want to try it, you can download it here.

Here is a tutorial to make Antique effect in Photoshop touch:

The first step

Open the Photoshop Touch application that isdownload, then press the writing area Start a project

Second step

Input photo can choose from gallery that exist in WL or choose a picture from facebook. When it’s selected, review the photo and click OK.

Third step

Choose an icon FX – Photo – Sunny Afternoon, Set the value according to the picture.

Set value intensity Be 50%.

fourth step

Added FX> Photo> Old Shepia, Set the value again.

The value here I use the value like this:

Saturation: 80%

90% intensity

Fifth step

Go to the menu setting, then choose level, Set value.

Sixth step

Save on computer The photo.

Done, good luck

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