How to create and change the boot operator logo on Android

Bored of the initial boot logo display with the operator image on your Android? Here is an easy way to create and change the boot logo (logo.bin) on Android, but this method only works for Android platforms with Mediatek MT65xx chipsets like Mt6575, Mt6577, Mt6589.


1. Back up all your important Android data first (to keep things that are not desirable, e.g. boot loop).

2. Prepare the logo.bin file from your standard or custom Android ROM.

3. Download the logo builder

(Supports Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8) Extract and run LogoBuilder.exe on your PC / laptop.

4. Click the “Create new project” button.

5. Select (Browse folders) Logo.bin and choose a location Folder Project that you save on your computer.

6. Then change the picture you want to replace, e.g. B. the image of the operator logo or the image of the charger through the desired image by placing the original image in the project folder (the image must match the size).

7. When you have clicked the “Make” button.

8. When it will be Files in Folder Your project and then copy it to your Android SD card.

9. How to replace it with blinking with CWM recovery (Recovery mode). Complete.

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