How to create an online questionnaire with Google Forms

Good morning loyal Inwepo readers, good morning to your activities on this sunny morning. On this occasion the author will provide material for the creation of a questionnaire on-line by using the Google Forms feature provided by Google Drive.

What are Google Forms?

Google From is a web-based application used to create online forms, questionnaires, surveys, contacts, and others that can help us with office work or school.

For those of you who do research to collect data from other people, you no longer have to bother creating questionnaires. Give up the old method of traditional questionnaire creationto press here and there and it certainly costs money and energy to compute the results.

How to create a questionnaire using Google Forms

Check out the author’s review when creating the questionnaire on-line by using the following google form:

1. Make sure you have a Gmail account. If not, you can register through the Google site

2. If you already have a Gmail account, go to the page now on your browser. Then press the button Go to Google Drive.

3. Choose NEWMoreGoogle forms.

4. You will then get to the questionnaire creation form as shown below:

5. Write the title of your questionnaire in the Untitled Form column and provide a description of your research, for example as follows:

6. Write the question in the column Untitled question and enter the question type for which the answer is available as a colored marker next to the question. In the meantime, you can add your questionnaire questions by clicking the icon like the blue sign in the image below:

Tips: You can use answer types for questionnaires such as: short answer, paragraph, multiple choice, check box, drop down, linear scale, multiple choice grid, date and time.

7. When you have finished creating your questionnaire, now is the time to beautify the look of the Google Form. You do this by clicking the icon Color palette like the red marker and choose More choose a topic that you consider appropriate for the questionnaire. If you have chosen choose to activate the topic.

8. Finally, it is time to submit your questionnaire by pressing the button SEND. Share social media URL links you have so more data can be accessed.


As a test questionnaire on-line created by the author, readers can see and fill out the results in the following sample form for creating a questionnaire using the Google form. To see how many correspondents have completed your questionnaire, you can open the answer menu next to the question menu.

Well, that was the tutorial on creating a questionnaire on-line by using the Google Forms feature provided by Google Drive. Makes it easy for users to collect data quickly and easily and certainly not to spend a lot of money to download press paper Question.

With this end of this article, I hope it will be useful to readers.

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