How to create an online petition on

The main function of the petition on-line is to ask the government to take action on the current case. petition on-line is a solution for the community to express its concern about government policy.

By creating a petition on-line, you don’t have to demonstrate in front of government buildings because you can simply collect signatures from the community, where the collected signatures are a form of support for your petition.

If you are concerned about a case, you can petition it. And to make it happen (petition on-line), please read the tutorial below.


1. Go to the site.

2. Please register first.

3. If you have already registered, please Sign up and click Start Petition.

4. Then please enter the title of the petition.

5. Enter the approver. The decision maker is the institution that is the target of the petition on-line that you made.

6. In the third step, please enter your complaint and your solution.

7. You will be asked to complete your profile so please complete it.

8. You will then be asked to upload a photo or video.

9. Petition created successfully. Please re-examine the petition before publication. If you want to change something, please click on to edit.

10. After the petition is published, make sure to share it with others.

11. The process is complete.

Here is a guide on how to create a petition on-line at Hope it’s useful.

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