How to create an oil splatter color effect with PicSay Android

With a photo editing app like PicSay via Smartphone, we can make and edit the photos we need to make it cooler and more contemporary, with a variety of effects and editing styles. One of the effects and editing styles that are often used by millennials today Paint splatter.

What’s this Splash of color?

Splash of color is both an effect and an editing style that makes a photo black and white but has a different color in certain places.

Well, right in the title Oil spray paint, what is the difference?

But it’s actually the same Oil spray paint shows the body part of the photo with effect To brush.

How do you do this effect?

It’s easy! We just need the PicSay app over Smartphone that we have. You can find the tutorial in the following article.

Prepare the following materials before proceeding with the tutorial.

  • Download use PicSay in the Google Play Store.
  • Download Hold brush
  • Prepare the photos to be edited (Can use personal photos).

When everything is ready, let’s move on to the tutorial.


1. Open the app PicSay – photo entry.

2. Next, select the menu Effect – insert pictureRaw input brush what was in download previously.

3. Reduce opacity he to see where it is.

After that, set its position in the center of the photo. If so, fill it in again opacityand choose the sign Tick.

4. Next, select the icon Three point – Mix mode – add.

5. In the fifth step, select the menu again Effect – pop color.

6. Then select the tool Paint brush and adjust the size.

Next, rub the part of the photo that you want to color in. In this case, select the check mark.

7. After you are fed up with the results, the last step is to save the editing results.

Select menu Export – save picture in album.

8. Done.

Here are the results of photo editing with effects Oil spray paint.

How, very simply and simply right?

So many tutorials How to create an oil splatter paint effect using PicSay Android that the author shared with you.

If you have any questions about this item, please feel free to leave a comment below. Much luck.

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