How to create an official LINE account Official Account

In May 2022, the well-known company Line created an Android application called LINE Official Account, this application being a continuation of the previous application that manages official accounts, namely the Line @ application. LINE Official Account is the latest breakthrough from Line to bring many convenience to users, and as of May 2022, users who want to create an official account must also create one in the LINE official account application.

However, for users who previously had OA in the Line @ application, the OA account will still be saved in the Line @ application, but you can also move it to the LINE Official account application, please listen to and read the tutorial below You the pointers that the author gives at the end of the article, here is the tutorial.


1. Download and install the Line Official Account application in advance Smartphone Your Android (not yet available for iOS).

2. Then open the application, you will be asked to Sign up to your Line account.

3. If you Sign up, For example, if your Line account does not already have an official account, you will be prompted to create an official account, fill in all the available fields and don’t forget to provide a profile photo when it is filled out Tap stud continue.

4. You will be directed to a confirmation page whether the information you entered is correct or incorrect, if correct you are Tap stud create Accountbut if you’re wrong Tap stud Abort.

5. You will be asked to confirm your consent to use the Line Official Account Application Tap only on button Allow (in some cases this view is shown when you want to log in or when you have created your first official account, in the case of the author himself, when he created the first OA in this application).

6. Done.

Note: The way this application works is almost the same as the Line @ application, but in the author’s opinion of this application, which is VERY BAD, you are limited to everything, even if you only run 500x transfer the author still does not know the meaning of 500x for an account transfer that’s 500 for pendant OA or 500 is for 500 transfer. Then in relation to the conversation where it is very difficult or even impossible to have a conversation with the pendant Your OA and much more. So the author recommends that if your OA is to be migrated to an official Line account, you should simply decline it.

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