How to create an AWS (Amazon Web Service) account

Today cloud computing systems have penetrated various areas. Cloud computing systems are systems that can help us store data and perform heavy computing without having to have the tools we need. Plus, we don’t have to constantly incur electricity bills as we don’t use running devices. By simply paying the provider the cost of using the cloud, we can use the system we need at no great expense.

There are different types of cloud computing system providers in the world. But best known is AWS (Amazon Web Service), where AWS is used by almost 50% of all users of the global cloud computing system. Around 30% of the rest is used by Azure, around 10% by Google Cloud and the last 10% by other providers.

In this tutorial we explain how to make our debut in the cloud world. What we’re going to be using here is AWS, because AWS is not only the most widely used provider, but it’s also not that difficult to use. Well, without further ado, let’s create an account first.


1. Open your browser and go to If so, click log in in the right corner to go to the registration page.

2. If so, you will be redirected to the page Sign up. Here you have to enter your e-mail, your password and your username, which will be used. click Keep going keep going.

3. Fill in the personal data according to the original personal data.

4. Enter your credit / debit card number. As well as Best before date and Name of Cardholder according to the original data. When you clicked Verify. Your account will be created by Amazon and published shortly. Will be deducted $ 1 as the initial registration fee. After that, users receive a free tariff package that can be used for a year. Once a year has passed, the user will be billed per second based on usage.

5. When the verification is done, we can enter our account. Log in.

6. When we have been redirected to the Amazon site. Direct click Sign in to the console begin.

This time, that’s the tutorial for creating an AWS account, good luck.

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