How to create an avatar on Facebook

Perhaps some of you are familiar with the name of this one application, namely Facebook, one of the applications that is very popular in Indonesia and even around the world. Facebook is an application platform As the largest social media network in the world based in the United States, the application is very easy to use for users to find information or just to share information with other users.

Also in this application, equipped with different types of Function menu interesting where each menu has its own function. So it wouldn’t be wrong if Facebook is platform largest social media giant in the world.

Face avatars on Facebook

Do you know the last one again trend and hits about users who make avatars so cute and attractive story their status? It’s because of the party Facebook Update the application Facebook to be precise, last August one of them posted an avatar profile which is so fun and interesting for its users.

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Not only that, this avatar can be to edit for its users, depending on what you want to do. Then how do you take a contemporary avatar photo that will go viral on Facebook in 2022? Of course, you don’t need to worry because here is the answer and the steps to create an avatar Facebook the.


1. Please open the application Facebook in Android phone/ IOS each of you. You also need to remember this when applying Facebook you are not yet Update or updated soon Update first WL each.

2. In the next step, select the three lines in the upper right corner of the application Facebook, and then select Show more.

3. You will see many types of menus here Specialty that you can use, but the goal here is how to create an avatar so please select the avatar menu.

4. At this stage all you have to do is do to edit Please select the face type that you think is interesting for an avatar photo according to your individual taste.

5. Please choose the hair type you like and think is interesting.

6. And do this, starting with adding accessories and so on. When you have finished editing the avatar, please select Finish.

7. Here are the results of the created avatar, all you have to do is post it Facebook account everyone of you.


This avatar feature on Facebook will make your Facebook account increasingly viral and this avatar can shape your traits that you can share with all of your Facebook friends. This is all about how to create an avatar on Facebook in 2022. Hopefully this tutorial will be useful to the readers !!

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