How to create an automatic WhatsApp reply without bots on Android

Are you busy with work? Or are you busy driving? But there are a lot of incoming WhatsApp messages? Simply activate the function Automatic answer on your WhatsApp without having to use the app bot as well as WhatsApp Companies.

Right now, WhatsApp is actually a prima donna in the ranks of messaging applications. It seems that the discussion about all the advantages of WhatsApp is going to never end. Light, simple and easy to understand every menu in it makes this application suitable for almost all ages.

It doesn’t stop there, WhatsApp also often brings new functions and additional functions to pamper users. Even so, there are still a key feature or two that WhatsApp may not have. One of them is feature Automatic answer or automatic reply.

Well, maybe for those of you who already know the real features Automatic answer already embedded in WhatsApp Business. Or you can use too Reply messenger to create your own automatic message reply. But this time inwepo is going to share a trick on how to enable automatic message replies without having to use Business WA or WhatsApp bot. Do you want to know how? Come on, check out the reviews below.

Video tutorials:


1. First step, download and To install First the GBWhatsApp application.

Download the latest GBWhatsApp

2. In the second step, open the installed GBWhatsApp application, then select AGREE AND CONTINUE and then enter the phone number that you will use for the WhatsApp login verification process.

3. Third step, Tap 3 dots in the top right corner then select the GB menu settings.

4. Fourth step, Tap menu Automatic reply message then Tap the plus symbol to add an automatic message reply.

5. In the fifth step, enter the phrase for the automatic message reply in the column Automatic reply message. Next to recipient can choose group or contacts can also be both by choice Both.

6. In the sixth step we set the start and end time for the automatic answer via the menu Start time and End time.

7. Finally Tap on Add and don’t forget to activate the button Automatic reply message what is at the top.

This is the tutorial on how to do it Automatic answer WhatsApp without bots on Android. Much luck.

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