How to create an AOV wallpaper with your own nickname

AOV or Arena of valor is one of Games moba Cell phone, mobile phone which is quite popular. Many use this popularity Wallpaper Smartphone from herohero what is on Games that. Well this time inwepo will make the background image more interesting by adding our own nickname for the game. How one? See immediately below.

Last year Arena of valor was trending on Google Play as Games best moba. This popularity is surely achieved through the smart steps of editor Garena stops often Events, Tournaments and also these prizes Games Miscellaneous.

So popular and so many who play Games It is no wonder that many websites have sprung up and are offering download for free Wallpaper hero in the AOV. Besides looking cool Wallpaper it is very popular with gamers Games AOV.

Well, if you usually just use Wallpaper Usually inwepo will give a few tips on adding this time around Nickname on the hero’s wallpaper. For those of you who are a fad or want to try it out, here are simple steps you can take right away.


1. Open the Google Chrome application or similar browser. Then enter in the search field

2. Tap symbol 3 lines in the right corner to bring up another menu. But then the menu Categories.

3. On the menu category select Menu again Game effects, next selection templates that fits the picture or can be useful templates Another.

4. Enter name hero in the column for selection Wallpaper that are suitable. Next input Nickname Games you in the column Your text If it is already Tap Go button.

5. Wait for the process Create Wallpaper a few moments when it seems to save in the gallery Tap stud Save on computer.

This is the tutorial on how to do it Wallpaper AOV with Nickname alone. Much luck.

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