How to Create an Animated Snow Bubble Background Effect on LINE

For Christmas yesterday, LINE released the snow animation effect function in the chat background, this is an interesting and unique function. But unfortunately the snow effect was only on the 24.-25. December 2022.

Now there is a way to reactivate the snow effects function, we can tooCustom/ turn the snow effect into a picture we like e.g. B. falling star effects, bubbles, flowers and much more.

LINE Overview, LINE Messenger is a free instant messaging application that has functions like other messengers, such as: Such as sending text messages, sending pictures, videos, voice messages, and others. LINE is the best-selling instant messaging application in 42 countries. One of its unique features is stickers.



1. Install modules Line custom apk and line effect png images.

2. Activate module Line in xposed and start anew your android.

3. Run custom apk, allow root access.

If there is an error message “Read DB error” when opening the menu Read contact or Reading groups, The solution is to open the root explorer application, go to the folder /data/data/ open minded naver_line Database with SQL editor application. Then open the custom line again.

3. Enter the menu “Chat Background Animation Effects” and choose the effect you want.

4. You can also create / customize your own effects by editing andsubstitute PNG images in directory SD card / line effect

In addition to the ability to create effects background Animation has other functions as well

Sticker info, line authorization key, unlock limit Upload Unlock video, text /Chat response 1000+ characters, theme changers and effects background Animation.

To enable the topic switcher function, like: Create a folder Line themes in the register sdcard / line-themes / Put the theme in the line-themes folder. Theme name is mandatory rename, for example themefile.37 becomes

open the line open the menu Above then Topic test, Tap Replace subject.

Note: After installation and activation module Custom Line in Xposed requires your Android to be restarted / restarted for the Custom Line application to work.

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