How to create an Android webview application without coding

When applying, be it for the platform Android anyway iOS In general, we need to have skills or knowledge of coding. But with the passage of time, an application is not as difficult as you might think. Only with Draw At drops Of course we can create a simple application. Which application? Like the example Webview application.

What is a webview application?

The Webview application is more or less a website that is being converted into an Android application. So that we can access our website through the application, not through a browser. Looks cool doesn’t it?

With Convert Converting our website into an application can make it easier for us to run promotions and attract visitors. This method is perfect for news or movie streaming website owners.

Well, on this occasion the author will give a short tutorial How to create an Android webview application without coding. If you are interested in it, you can see it in the tutorial below.


1. Go to the MIT App Inventor website

2. After you have successfully entered the homepage of the website, please select the menu Build apps.

3. Please log in or register an account at MIT app inventor.

4. On the next page, select Menu New projectand abundance Surname Projects.

5. Now that you have created a new project, you will be taken to the project page to start building an application. There are many menus on this page.

On the Menu tab palette on the left you select the menu WebViewer. Press and drag the menu onto the screen next to it.

6. Next on the Menu tab Components – Select WebViewer1 and in the menu tab properties on column HomeUrl Please enter your website url.

7. We have actually managed to create an Android WebView application so far, but to beautify it I will add a header logo to the application.

On the Menu tab palette Select image and drag it to the screen next to it,

8. Continue by selecting the Menu tab Components – Select image and in the menu tab properties on column image – Upload data.

9. When you feel that everything is right, whether by looks or otherwise, then the last step you need is just Build or Compile the app and download his.

Select menu Build – App (save .apk on my computer)

10. Wait for the process to complete.

Webview app test

After successful creation, we will try to run the application.

1. Install the previously created Webview application and wait for the installation process to complete.

2. When the installation is complete, open the application.

3. Tarra. You have successfully created an Android webview application with no coding.

4. Done.

How, not that complicated right? Compared to building applications that require an understanding of coding. This method looks simpler and easier.

So many tutorials How to create an Android webview application without coding that the author shared with you. Much luck.

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