How to create an 8D effect on audio in Windows

Music is something that cannot be separated from our daily life. Many genre Music offered that corresponds to our current feelings. But nowadays a lot of musicians edit this music into something else. For example 3D, 5D, 8D or other music.

This time the author will provide a tutorial on how to create an 8D effect on music. 8D music used to be a music effect that when combined with a Headset or headphones, the music seems to spin in our heads so that it feels really present with us. Here the author uses the Audacity application to achieve this effect.

How to make 8D music with Audacity.


1. Download and To install Audacity application then open the application.

2. Enter the music or song you want to play to edit. Click Files – Import – audio.

3. Select the music or song you want.

4. Create track be 2 by clicking the arrow Traces. (shown in the picture).

5. Then select “Split stereo tracks “.

6. Arrange track 1 (the upper one) towards L and track 2 (the lower one) towards R. This indicates that track 1 sounds on the left while track 2 sounds on the right.

7. Select next Envelope tool At Property bars.

8. Then bet track to increase or decrease the music during playback. The smaller the shape, the deeper the sound and vice versa.

9. Here’s an example if it’s already in to edit Everyone.

That is the tutorial on how to create an 8D effect audio on Windows, hopefully useful.

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