How to Create a Wedding Invitation Video on Android

Technological progress and digitization are currently widespread. Along with the popularity of social media as a place to do business and so on. In the past, wedding invitations were only available on paper. Now we can also create digital invitations. Well, this time inwepo will give you tips on how to quickly create a wedding invitation video with Smartphone Android.

Of course, for those of you who want to have a party, be it a wedding, birthday, etc., sending invitations to friends, buddies and guests is of course no stranger to it. Nowadays, however, the trend continues to change, in the past we had to make traditional invitations out of paper, which really cost money and just became junk, nowadays you can save a little money with digital versions of invitations.

Even if not all people can accept digital invitations, we can at least reduce the use of funds for them. What else is special for you holder Smartphone Android doesn’t have to pay people to create digital invitations as we can make our own quickly and easily. Well if you’re interested in making your own digital invitation video version. Here are the steps to do it.

Video tutorials


1. Make sure you havedownload andTo install App for creating video invitations.

2. Open the Video Invitation Maker application and give the application permission to access it Tap enable.

3. Select the video template you want to use, then select the menu Change of manufacturer to change the content of the template.

4th Tap menu text to add text or directly Tap 2x on the text that you want to change. Use the menu Fonts, colors, and the shade to change the shape of the letters, add color and also give the text a shadow effect.

5. Tap Stickers menu to add stickers or clip art to the video.

6th Tap menu effect Give effect background Videos.

7. You can also add your own picture with Tap menu Pictures. If that’s enough Tap Checklist at the top. Next Tap Music menu to add music to the video.

8th. Tap Local music to add music from local SD Smartphone She. Last tap menu Save on computer Videos to save videos.

This is a tutorial on how to make a wedding invitation video on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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