How to create a website mockup using Photoshop [Bagian 5]

Hello loyal inwepo readers, we’re back to the tutorial making Website models With Photoshop this time we are entering the fifth or final tutorial of this tutorial. for those who haven’t read the tutorial part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4, you can read it first.

1. Now that we are done with the Portfolio section in Section 3, let’s move on to the section team, here we will insert photos for members team. First select one of the circles, then paste the picture, right click layers Image and select Create clipping mask. Adjust the image by pressing Ctrl + T. Do the same for the other circles.

Creating a website mockup with Photoshop [Bagian 5] Copy

2. Still in the photo area team, select the first circle, remember that the circle is not the picture. Then right click and choose Blending Options. Checklist stroke and input size 1 and black color. stroke here is made so that the edge of the circle has a line.

How to create a website mockup using Photoshop [Bagian 5]

3. Then give effect the same for each circle. Select the first circle, to the left of the plane will be written fx, hold down the Alt key on the keyboard, and then draw fx to the second circle and so on to the last circle.

Photo team 5

4. Then go to the section contact us. Here we just add a background image like in the header. Select the square in contact and enter the image you want. Don’t forget to do it Clipping mask set and change opacityit becomes 50%.

contact us 2

The end result of this website design is as follows:

the final result

That’s it for the tutorial to do Website models Using Photoshop. Thank you for the attention of the Inwepo readers in this tutorial. I hope this tutorial is useful. See you later.

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