How to Create a Voice Translator for YouTube Videos on Android

voice translator or narration is usually often used for voice acting in video tutorials that we often see on YouTube.

If you watch videos on YouTube a lot, you must have heard a woman’s voice like a robot pasted into a video tutorial or news video.

To sound a tale /translator In the video we are using the help of an application called Narrator’s Voice. In fact, this application is not that different from the Google Translate application which has a language conversion feature. The difference is that this application is more complete and specially designed to create narrative sounds and it can be downloaded from the sound we make from a set of text. Here is the guide:

1. To install Speech application of the narrator.

Download the voice of the narrator for Android

2. Run the application, then you will see a column on the screen text.

3. Enter a word or phrase that you need to describe or add voice to the video.

4th Tap symbol play to convert words or sentences into sounds.

5. In the menu at the bottom of the screen there is also a Translate symbol to open the settings which contain the resulting sound effects, the language and also the type of sound.

6. When you are done to save the tone Tap symbol Folder key, enter the title and to save.

7. To see the results, go to the menu OFFLINE AUDIO, there is a choice Play, share and Clear.


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