How to create a virtual hard disk (VHD) in Windows

On this occasion I am going to share with you information on how to create a VHD in Windows. VHD (Virtual Hard Disc) is a hard disk that looks like a file and has a function that is not much different from a physical hard disk. In general, virtual hard disks are widely used in virtual machines, although they can also be used on physical computers.

VHD makes you more dynamic as it can be used on other computers or devices. We usually need a virtual hard drive to back up your files. “How to Create a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) in Windows”.

How to create a virtual hard drive in your Windows. Yes, you just have to follow these simple and easy steps:

Step 1.

First, download the latest version of Disk2VHD. This software is specially designed to create VHD in a very easy way. How to use this application.

Step 2:

After the successful download, extract the file using winrar. Once unzipped, click the file it contains to install it.

Step 3:

Open the Disk2VHD application and select the drive file that you want to copy to a virtual hard drive. After that, you will now see the created virtual hard disk space.

Step 4:

You choose which memory is used for file storage on the virtual hard disk, both internal and external, according to your requirements. By default, Disk2VHD uses the VHDX format for virtual hard disk space.

Step 5:

Finally, create a file that you will put on the virtual hard drive. The created file can now be used on other devices with Disk2VHD.

Yes, that’s all the discussion I’ve heard of “Creating a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) on Windows”. We hope this process makes it easier for you to save and use files.

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