How to create a video slideshow with KineMaster

With the KineMaster application, we can easily create video slideshows. The video slideshow itself is a video collection of photos. When creating a video slideshow, we also added several things such as: B. Transition effects between photos and supporting songs. Then how do you create a video slideshow in KineMaster? It is not difficult. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps:


1. Open the KineMaster app Smartphone She.

2. To create a video slideshow, select ‘+‘.

3. Set the video aspect ratio as needed. Here I am using the aspect ratio 16: 9.

4. Click on ‘media“And find the photo.

5. Select some photos you want to create as video. Click the check mark when you have finished making your selections.

6. Set the start and end positions for each photo.

You can Zoom out or zoom in the beginning of the photo.

You can Zoom out or zoom in the end of the photo. Click the check mark.

Do this for all of the photos in your video.

7. We give a transition effect between the photos. Click the white box between the photos and it will appear.Transition effect‘. Select a transition effect and click the check mark. Give any white squares between photos a transition effect. For a more complete transition effect, you can look for it in shop on KineMaster.

8. Finally we just have to insert the song into the video. Go back to the beginning of the video and click ‘Audio‘.

Select a song and click the ‘sign+‘. Or go looking for music shop Click the check mark.

9. Done. Click sign share, and your video can be shared on social media or YouTube.

Very easy, isn’t it. This is the tutorial ‘How to Create a Video Slideshow with KineMaster’. Much luck.

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