How to create a video overlay background on Android

Maybe those of you who don’t know and are still confused about what it is Background overlay? Overlays here is a picture or ornament which is to the left and right of a video. Usually contains content to like fan page Facebook, I WOULD Instagram, Subscribe to YouTube videos, etc.

Usually Overlays This is combined with a video that includes a tutorial so that the audience is comfortable with the spectacle. The main thing is Overlays that’s interesting for viewers and beautify the look of a video, that is share on social networks and YouTube.


1. Install Autodesk Sketchbook app on Android

Download Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

2. Once opened, Screenshots first the blank paper screen make sure all the tool hidden by tapping symbol second from the top left corner.

3. Select symbol in the left corner, then new sketch with symbol brush and add. Select Custom.

4. Enter the comparison number 1280 with 720.

5. As a result, the image is expanded to the side.

6. Then choose symbol Ruler and ruler, then choose import image.

7. In the gallery, find the picture you want to create background Overlayhis. Like my example with a picture one piece.

8. Adjust size background, on a white background.

9. After the image is displayed, do the same.

10. Choose symbol run with a ruler, then Import images.

11. Search for white image results Screenshots earlier and enter.

12. Choose symbol the ruler and the ruler again, then select Fills.

13. Choose a green color.

14. Then Tap the white screen. If there are some small uncolored lines, you can delete them by selecting Pencil icon and find size pencil what goes with the green color. Next, scribble on the uncolored picture.

15. Once green. You choose Pencil icon and a ruler, then choose selection. Search options Magic wand, and make sure tolerance Max. Then tap symbol Checklist.

16. Choose Level symbols, then select image background.

17. Next choose Pencil icon, then switch to an eraser.

18. Continue on layers choose again symbol Eyes on the green paper until the eyes are crossed.

19. After that, just delete the place where layers green is there.

20. Add in addition logo, symbol, sticker or whatever you’re going to wear Overlays background You do the same steps as before and make sure that format the picture.png

21. After deletion, the picture is white.

22. To make it a place for your video later, you need to delete it. That’s by clicking symbol open eyes layers down until his eyes are crossed.

In the last step, tap symbol upper left corner, look for the label share

23. Save to SD

24, Wait a moment and then enter the file name. As long as it doesn’t change format Finally (.png)

Complete. Much luck.

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