How to create a vertigo (dolly zoom) effect with Instagram

Want to make an impact Dolly zoom but don’t know how Do you feel complicated because you don’t know the concept? Well, you can try to get an effect Dolly Zooming with the help of Instagram. Here’s how!

Smartphone photography

Now, you no longer need a DSLR-class camera to take amazing photos. Taking pictures at the right moment, the right lighting and a little trick photography Of course, you can also produce really good pictures with the Android smartphone you are currently holding in your hand.

Android phones are very supportive when used for activities these days photography. The cell phones we use today are actually equipped with cameras with a pretty good resolution. If many users know how to take interesting photos with Android phone, the photos produced may fall in the same class as the photos produced by Android photographer Professional.

Then how to take good photos with the camera Smartphone? Well, there are actually many ways to achieve satisfactory photo results. One of them, you can try an effect that is like this trend, which is the effect Dolly zoom.

What is the dolly zoom effect?

effect Dolly zoom is a camera motion effect that combines camera motion techniques Dolly and also technology Zooming. This technique brings out the effect dizziness, change the object as if it were enlarging and background continuous.

Do Dolly Zoom with Instagram

The sophistication of today’s technology is leading us into a new era like creating effects Dolly complicated things without having to use a classic camera can only be done with the Instagram application. Of course, the filters or camera effects on Instagram help us with this. How do i do it?


1. Open your Instagram and then the menu story, swipe left in the filters area until you find the menu Browse effects. Then enter “dizziness“.

How to Create a Vertigo (Dolly Zoom) Effect Using Instagram

2. There are several choices for effects related to the Vertigo Keyword. Choose an artificial effect New York Times. Tap the icon Camera or menu Try Use effect dizziness.

How to Create a Vertigo (Dolly Zoom) Effect Using Instagram

3rd Tap the camera icon Back or upper middle menu. Then according to instructions Tap and hold the button Clasp Then slowly move the camera away from the subject to create the effect dizziness.

How to Create a Vertigo (Dolly Zoom) Effect Using Instagram


The above method will surely make it easier for us to make videos Dolly zoom or dizziness Effect. Now anyone can do it easily, even those of you who don’t really understand photography.

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