How to create a unique letter (blue text) on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an app Chat which many users, especially in Indonesia. This application is quite light, and the look of its functions is also very simple and not complicated to use Chat.

For everyone who is bored with the look Chat That’s all, you want to make the message look attractive when you are sending messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend. How to Create a Unique Text Message (blue text) on WhatsApp to make it look unique and attractive:

How to create a unique letter (blue text) on WhatsApp

1. Of course, you must already have the WhatsApp application on Facebook Smartphone your android.

Remarks: This method can also be used for other chat applications like LINE, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

2. Please you download App called WhatsBlueText (Fancy Text Generator Pro) in the Google Play Store.

3. After you have installed the WhatsBlueText application, please open the application Start writing.

4. The next step you enter text in the column you want to send to a friend. Then you will see a variety of unique news views in this column. Remember, just pick one that you think will be interesting, then choose S.Hare.

5. Select the next step Whatsapp.

6. Then send the message to the person you want. In the next step, simply select Send, here is an example:

Just right? for those of you who want to search for different WhatsApp messages. Please try this method, hopefully it will be useful to those of you reading this article.

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