How to create a transparent background with Photoshop

Photoshop is one of software which is often and widely used for photo editing, these tools allow us to edit photos as we like.

If you often have photos on background images or so-called background looks lost or has been replaced with an image, which is one of the basic techniques for learning how to edit photos.

For those of you who don’t know and want to try it out, you can use software Photoshop with a tool called Magic wand tool.

What Magic wand tool is it Photoshop? Magic wand tool is a selection tool in Adobe Photoshop, this tool can be used to select color similarities.

So it’s amazing isn’t it? without manual selection we can easily use it. Here is a removal guide background Photo or change the photo background in Photoshop:


Download Photoshop from the Adobe website.

close transparent background of a picture, An image with a white background or a flashy color is required.

Here is an example of an image, which is a photo of Dah Yun who is a member of Twice.

1. First paste the picture in Workplace Photoshop. The way is enough draw image the in Photoshop or from file – import so that Workplace They will look like the following picture.

2. Then take a look Toolbox to the Magic wand tool that we are going to use. Tools this is usually hidden along with Quick selection tool.

3. Then try it Selection with Magic wand tool At background white or the same color This is how it looks on the Photoshop workspace.

4. You can see that there are some selection lines visible on the background the White.

Then in Photoshop to the transparent layers right below our picture. Jdo not forgetUnlock levels we also so that it can be moved up to make it look like this.

5. Press in the selection Cut (Ctrl + X) or Del, so that background the white will go away so it looks like this.

6. There can still be some background knows in some places, try again with Magic wand tool and repeat the previous steps.

Finally the picture too transparent and looks like this.

For those of you who are confused, what’s the use? transparent background can be used as a picture reproduction or you can replace it with background Your own preferences and edit at will.

Can be used symbol or Cellphone backgrounds according to your favorite idol!

So good luck. That’s how you do it transparent background or delete background with Photoshop.

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