How to create a transparent background in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is software that aids human labor to produce a report in written form. software This is very often used by middle school students, high school students, and even college students. Features included in software This is quite a lot that we can use with different functional purposes.

One thing I want to share is how to make a transparent logo behind the font in Ms.Word. The purpose of this transparent logo is to protect the copyright we create. Because through this transparent logo, we hope to protect our own work from plagiarism who are happy to copy the work of others without the prior consent of the actual owner of the paper.

Tips Techno 

Below are the steps to create a transparent logo behind writing Ms.Word:

1. Please open Ms. Word and open the Word file to which you want to add a transparent logo.

2. The next step you choose Page layout – then select Watermark.

3. When the above steps are complete, please select Costume watermark.

4. Please choose the next step Image watermark and please enter the logo of the image you want to insert into the text. Then don’t forget to choose scalehis automobile only because the system will later automatically adapt your picture logo to the font of your work. If everything is set, then please choose OK.

5. Here are the results that you can see.


This is the tutorial on how to do it background transparent in Microsoft Word. Hope it’s useful.

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