How to create a text counter with Javascript

counter or counters are often used by users to find out the number of an object or related component, whether in numeric or word format. There are so many variations of calculation tools that Binary counter (Binary counter) too IP counter. One of the most common types of counters is Text counter or word counter, where users can accurately count the number of words in each sentence.

In this article we do Text counter with the programming languages ​​HTML and Javascript.


1. First, open the notepad and create a file called index.html with the following file content:

    Inwepo Text Counter	

2. Partly , enter the following code:

Text Counter

Later the contents in the section will be as follows:


Text Counter

3. In the section will be as follows:

4th Save on computer previously created files. Then run the file index.html by Browser. If successful, a box will appear Text area, along with components button and the number of words entered.

That’s a tutorial on how to do it Text counter with Javascript. Hope it’s useful.

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