How to Create a Silhouette Effect Logo with PicSay on Android

Logos are quite necessary for some people. Whether for companies, organizations or private individuals, as proof that we have what it takes.

Actually, this tutorial was reviewed in the previous article, but it is specifically intended for users Photoshop certainly not everyone has the tool or application. On this occasion, I will repeat a tutorial on how to create a silhouette effect logo using an Android application.

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For a little extra, Silhouette isn’t actually an image, but a shadow, either the shadow of a person, an animal, or an object in the sun. When viewed from a distance, the object is just a black shadow.

A simple example can be found in the afternoon in the mountains or on the beach when the sun is going down. You may see people with no color on the beach, but what you see is just a black shadow. That’s more or less.

Since artisans who sell frames that have a picture of a head viewed from the side in black only refer to it as a silhouette frame, the majority of people assume it is.

Download PicSay-Android

1. Start the app Get an Image – Import. Find an image that will be used as a silhouette effect logo and Normal.

2. There are several menus below the screen. You just choose Adjust – curves and you adjust it until the subject image becomes dark.

3. When you are finished, select Menu again from the menu option Effect – grayscale to change the object to black and white and try to make the object dark.

4. Then select again in the menu Effect – black and white, then set the object completely black. At least there are only a few points left. And you can delete it by selecting Colour.

5. In the next step, select in the menu Adjust – crop, Choose size 1: 1. Then go to the menu Effect – rounded corners.

6. Next, select the menu Sticker – title, then enter text what you want and customize the type font .that you like.

7. the last step to change a little bit the effect you choose Effects – pencil sketch.

When you’re done, tap the menu export to save it. Much luck.

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