How to create a portable operating system with flash disk

operating system or it can be referred to as the operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu and others. Of course, the system data storage must be on a hard drive with a capacity of more than 60 GB, but on this occasion the author will provide a guide on how to turn your 4 GB or 8 GB flash drive into an operating system. portable.

Advantages of the operating system portable This is you can bring that flash or operating system with you portable For example, if you have a laptop with the Windows 7 operating system and want to try the Linux operating system or maybe Windows 10, you can use this method.

Required conditions:

  • Universal USB installer (Download)
  • ISO file operating system (you can get it on the Internet, e.g. Windows or Linux)
  • Flash disk 4 GB – 128 GB (minimum 4 GB)


1. Download software Universal USB Installer and its operating system are ISO files.

2. Running software Universal USB installer. Click “I agree”.

3. One Step 1, select the desired operating system type (must match the ISO file beforehand).

4. Then step 2 click “Search” and find the ISO file of the operating system you are in hard disk.

5. step 3, then please select a location Flash drive She.

6. Check the menu Format Fat32 Drive (Erase Contents). then click “Create”.

7. If you receive a warning, click Yes. Wait for the process. complete

Remarks :

If you want to use the operating system portable It is hoped that your flash drive is still in good condition and running at high speed. Because if the speed is slow, you may not be able to enter the operating system portable and try to use a light operating system like Linux or Windows XP Lite.

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