How to Create a Plotagraph Effect on Android

The Plotagraph Effect is a motion animation photo effect that is currently being shared on Instagram social media. The plotagraph effect is similar to the cinemagraph effect, an animation effect where an object moves in a specific part of the photo, e.g. photo background, but the person does not move like a photo.

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Currently, the new Plotagraph application is available on desktop computers such as Windows, Mac and Linux as well Smartphone iOS (iPhone and iPad).

As an alternative, since the Plotagraph application is not yet available on Android, you can try the following 2 applications, the function of which is to move photo objects in certain parts. The format for the Plotagraph Effect is MP4 or GIF.

Video tutorials


1. Download Loopsie free in the Google Play Store, run the app. Point the camera at the object you want to capture. Tap and hold the circle button for a few seconds until you finish capturing the item.

2. Try not to move or shake hands while taking the picture.

3. When you are finished, touch and select all of the objects you want to move in the photo.

4. Save the photo. See the results in the Photo Gallery application on your Android in mp4 format. Complete.

For users of the application, the free version is displayed Watermark under the photo it says “Made with loopsie”. If you want to be removed you have to pay Rp. 25,000

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An alternative to this application without watermarks can use the application PICOO Camera – Live Photo in the Google Play Store.

PICOO Camera is similar to the Loopsie application, which can set an object in motion. The benefits of this application are without it Watermark. The downside is that it’s harder to use than Loopsie.

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