How to Create a Ping Pong Game Using Javascript

Table tennis (or commonly referred to as Pong) is one of the most popular games played by. were developed programmer, both as an exercise and as creativity in the programming language used. With a variety of programming logics, programmer can create many variations in one simple game.

In this article we will create a ping pong game using the Javascript programming language.


1. Prepare Text editor (Notepad, raised text, etc.) as writing media syntax later.

2. Create a file named index.html contains the following code:

    Inwepo Ping Pong

3. In the section , enter the following code:

Inwepo Ping Pong

Later, part will have the following code structure:


Inwepo Ping Pong

4. In the section will have the following code structure:

6th Save on computer previously modified files. Then open the file index.html via Browser She. Later, page website will include Canvas with the game content we created earlier.

The game starts when the player makes a move (with the key keyboard which we defined earlier) on the table tennis ball. Later on, the computer will automatically offer resistance, making the game a challenge for the players.

This is the tutorial on how to do it Games Ping-pong with Javascript. Hope it’s useful.

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