How to create a newspaper in Microsoft Power Point

Some of you ANIME lovers probably know one of the digital newspapers AW Des *, maybe some of you want to know how you do it? Well you have landed on the right website.

Immediately and without further ado, please do it from scratch or just use edit finished files.

Oh yeah, the way to create it is different from the others that usually use Photoshop, Corel Draw, Paint Net, and the like. Power Point 2007/2010/2021/2021 so you don’t have to bother bother to download, correct if Microsoft Office is already integrated on a laptop or computer.

directly to the tutorial:

For those who are lazy about doing it from scratch, you can use templates what was done below

Download templates

1. Open Ms. your powerpoints.


2. Open the menu insertionWord art – choose normal.


3. Do it correctly like the picture below.


4. For those confused on how to make a line, you can see the picture below


5. When everything is done, please go to the file – save as – change save as the type is jpeg – save.


6. Then click the button Just this one.


7.Taraaaaa, it’s done, isn’t it? Create your own newspaper as best you can so that many people will like you and use it TEMPLATES which was done with FREE above.


Okay create the paper, okay?

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