How to create a new profile in the Youtube Kids App

Those of you who have children or siblings will agree that having the Youtube Kids Parents application is very helpful in finding shows for their children. There are many useful features that we can find on Youtube Kids including the timer, approved content, through to passcode generation. In addition, the Youtube Kids application can also be used by one child to another or alternate users as it is actually possible to do so.

Parents can create more than one child profile so that each child’s reputation is not confused or the simple language of looking at the first child is not seen by the second child, as the second child has their own watch on Youtube Kids. Interested in using this Youtube Kids function? If you’re interested, you can listen to the tutorial below.


1. Please open the Youtube Kids application that is switched on Smartphone She. And what you should know is that creating a child profile on Youtube Kids is limited to up to 8 profiles.

2. Please log in by tapping the lock icon in the lower right corner and then selecting Settings.

3. Tap Add New Profile, then enter the Gmail password you used to register for the Youtube Kids app.

4. Please create a child profile and tap on the next icon.

5. Next, please choose whether you want to activate surfing or not. In this tutorial, enabling browsing is selected. However, everything can be reset via the settings menu.

6. The child profile has been successfully created, then tap the next icon.

7. Please select the child’s profile. The choice depends on who is using it.

8. If you would like to change your child’s profile, please visit the Youtube Kids homepage and then tap the profile photo in the top left corner.

9. Done.

This is the tutorial on how to create a new profile in the Youtube Kids application. Hope it’s useful.

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