How to create a new channel in a YouTube email account

Usually when we look at famous YouTubers who have more than one channel, for example official channel and Channel of daily life or video theme channel Miscellaneous. Purpose of manufacture Channels/many channels or more than 1 so as not to mix the characteristics of our videos and look more professional.

It is good if you want to make a lot of videos with different topics, for example about love, humor, tips, tricks or personal life, it is best to separate each one. channel.

Advantages do a lot channel so everyone channel can promote each other’s channels and attract lots of viewers and subscribers.

To make it easier and more efficient, we don’t need to create 2 new Gmail / YouTube accounts channel just. Only 1 Gmail / YouTube account, we can create many channelhow then? Here’s how:

A. How to create a new channel

1. Sign in to your Google / YouTube account

2. Then visit Youtube Channel Switcher

3. Then click on the button “Create a new channel“.

4. Then you will be redirected to another page, then enter the name channel You and click the buttonTo the“.

5. Afterwards channel Done, fill in the description, photo Channels, image Channel banners.

B. How to switch to the main or secondary channel

1. Click the profile picture in the upper right corner.

2. Then click on channel Your primary or secondary account will automatically be transferred to your account channel The chosen one.


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