How to Create a Music Story on Instagram Direct

Viewing content frequently story belongs to a friend with music? To arouse curiosity story so like that? Come on see how to do story Music directly from the following Instagram.

Nowadays, people generally interact with anyone and everywhere using social media. With the development of more and more advanced technologies, people’s lifestyles have also changed. In general, people use social media not only for communication but also as a place to find entertainment, information, etc.

Different types of social media that pop up leave us free to choose which social media sites to use. We can get various information and friends from many places. However, of the many social media outlets, Instagram is the most popular.

Today Instagram is a social medium that has a lot of active users every month. This photo sharing media site has a lot of great entertainment, news and video content. If you are an active Instagram user, you need to watch content a lot story by using the music in it.

Music on Instagram

The music content is actually popular right now. How to do it is not difficult and very easy, because here we are helped with filter effects that are already directly available in the Instagram application. Filters that we used to only know for the fun of exclamations and facial effects have now been added with music functions.

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Music is a language universal which of course everyone loves. Well, if you also like music content on IG and want to try creating it, go below for the tutorial.

Video tutorials


1. Open your respective Instagram application directly. Tap the icon Making history story. Then you can do it with one of the filter then Tap the little arrow next to the name filter.

How to Create a Music Story on Instagram Live

2. Then Tap Browse effects, you can enter directly into the search field Play music or it could be reproduction.

How to Create a Music Story on Instagram Live

3. Many filters available music that you can use with a variety of songs to choose from. It looks like the picture below.

How to Create a Music Story on Instagram Live


It is very easy to create music content on Instagram because now there are many iG filters with music that we can choose from. Make your Instagram content more interesting by adding music.

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