How to create a moving profile photo on LINE

Profile picture or View image Abbreviated as PP / DP is a photo selected for display on the website profile our social media accounts like LINE. on Update The latest version of LINE (version 6.6) now supports moving images that can be used as our LINE profile photo.

This function is called LINE Video profile picture so that we can create a moving photo profile with a video recorded directly by the camera Smartphones.

In order to install a profile photo that looks moving on LINE, we need an additional application called B612, with which this application can later create moving images. An example would be like the picture below.

Strange? To follow this tutorial, make sure you’ve done it Update LINE to the latest version via the App Store or Play Store (does not apply to the LINE version lite) and install the B612 application on the Smartphone She.

Download the B612 Android app

Download the B612 iOS app

How to create a moving profile photo on LINE

1. Open the installed LINE application Update.

2. Open the menu profile.

3rd Tap in profile weather.

4. Choose record video.

5. Tap in symbol B612.

6. Record the movements you want.

7th Tap Checkmark.

8th. Tap Next.

9. Tap OK.

10. Your profile photo has been changed.

This is a short guide from the author. Much luck.

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