How to Create a Moving BBM DP Using Photoshop

If Inwepo explained how to create animated writing or moving text in the previous tutorial, but the image is used for DP (View image) BBM the image is not running. This is because there are several explanations that need to be considered in order to make the BBM DP move. Doing it is also the same as the usual animated writing. Here is a tutorial on creating animated writing for BBM DP:

The first step :

Open the Photoshop application and then create a new layer by clicking Click File – New and do not set the value too large Max the size is 400 x 400 and try to make the length and width the same or square.

Second step:

The writing that we animate can be in words or letters as you wish, for example here Inwepo will write it in letters.

So until the end.

Third step :

click Window – then tick Animations.

Fourth step:

Keep an eye layers what appears first and the rest removes the eye mark on it layers others, like the example below, because only level i appears first, then the eye marker on layers activated and the rest will remove the eye marker.

Fifth step:

To add an animation layer, press Duplicate selected frames, and do the third step on a different level.

Sixth step:

Set the time to move everyone layers according to the wishes.

Seventh step:

If it is enough, the next step is to save the image, Click File – Save for Web & Device, Set the settings as shown below, then click to save.

Remarks : So that the image on the DP (View image) try on BBM, the image size should not exceed 32kb if more DP BBM will not move. If more then delete layers Animation one until the size does not exceed the specified size.

In addition to writing the BBM DP, you can also use images.

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