How to create a Maying Square animation with Javascript

As an alternative language to Javascript, P5.js offers many design implementations that we can apply as a whole (or vary separately), both in context background, layout, about the functionality of website separately. No wonder if a lot of developers Front end started with the programming language P5.js, both because of the pattern syntaxit’s more user-friendly, as well as its components that have been simplified by the developers.

As a form of implementing design components in related programming languages, we will create animations in this article Marching place using the programming language P5.js (a subsidiary of Javascript).


1. Prepare Text editor (Notepad, raised text, etc.) as writing media syntax later.

2. Create a file named index.html contains the following code:

  Inwepo Maying Square      

3. In the section

4. In the section , enter the following code:

Later, part will have the following code structure:


5. In the section will have the following code structure:

6th Save on computer previously modified files. Then open the file index.html by Browser She. Later, page website contains a box animation with shades of white to gray (which represent the dominance of the position of the box) and is based on black as background-his.

Note that the shape of Marching place always changes every time the user accesses the related page (changes are based on random algorithms and the use of Array in the . was defined syntax). Adjust animation usage Marching place with the website you created previously.

This is a tutorial on creating animation Marching place with Javascript. Hope it's useful.

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