How to create a “Magic Shell” BOT LINE without understanding the coding

A few weeks ago the SimSimi BOT went viral in the LINE Messenger application, but now the SimSimi BOT has lost its fame almost drastically in the after the advent of the “Magic Shell BOT” once famous in the animated television series LINE Messenger application as a Chat bot, Some users will definitely want to try how to do the magic shell bot too.

In fact, some people think BOT is difficult to do because they need to understand programming languages, but for this tutorial we are going to teach you a very simple way without the slightest programming language. Check out the following tutorial:

1. First register on the page

2. Login to your account, then create WORKPLACE New.

3. If available Intentionsto delete everything to the end.

4. Then do it Intentions New.

5. Then write the keyword BOT, for example “it is, it can be, it is possible”.

  • is
  • can
  • Is it possible
  • What am I
  • Can you talk about something other than not?

6. Then scroll down and enter the answer or answer from the BOT.

  • Yes sir
  • no
  • Yes, of course
  • Certainly not
  • It could be
  • Possible
  • Try it again
  • Maybe next time

7. When everything is ready, click on Save on computer.

8. Continue to tab Integrations, and activate the integration in the LINE Messenger app.

9.Then fill in everything you need to fill out in the column (you can get this information by clicking) Sign up Be accountable developer LINE is yours and make sure you’ve done a BOT beforehand).

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10. Then Copy Webhooks URL in this column.

11. Then enter Webhooks URL it’s on console your bot and click Update.


To make it easier and understand the tutorial on creating Magic Shell BOT on LINE without understanding the coding, please watch the tutorial video.

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