How to create a histogram in Microsoft Excel 2022

Microsoft Excel is an application Spreadsheets Offices, the purpose of which is intended for office workers, especially in the field of economics such as accounting, this application was developed by the well-known company Microsoft as the manufacturer of the Windows operating system for a million people. Microsoft Excel offers its users a lot of convenience in the area of ​​calculating and managing data both in the form of numbers and in words.

Microsoft Excel also supports a variety of diagram or charts and you can even arrange them however you want, for example like histogram charts that are not yet in Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel, here is the tutorial.


1. You open your Microsoft Excel application and create a new worksheet / can use your old worksheet.

2. Then create data using a table with the following format.

3. In the data column, do 2 parts with the same data as shown below.

4. Then we blocking on both dates and click Popup icon that appears and choose one Charts – clustered columns.

5. A message will appear diagram new and you right click on Background diagram and click on the menu Change chart types.

6. You change the type diagram to combo and set the settings as shown below, then click OK.

7. Back to the section diagram, you right click on the bar diagram (the blue one) then you click on the menu Data series format.

8. One Gap width you switch to 0 (zero).

9. Then you click on symbol Ink and you dial solid line, to adjust colour be the color you want (not the same as the stem color diagram) and adjust broadit is to your liking.

10. Done.

Note: Some schools / colleges consider the histogram to be bar graphs only. If this is your case, you only need to use 1 column of data in step 3 and follow the tutorial as per the steps above.

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