How to create a group / server on Discord

There is no definitive news about this virus forcing people to do activities online /on-line. Various employment and education agencies are forced to do everything from home. This, of course, leads to everyone trying to find a long-distance relationship solution using trusted media. There are several mediums that can be used to maintain long-distance group relationships. One of these media is Discord.

Basically, Discord has features that are similar to Skype. There will continue to be features on Discord that are more focused on helping users player to communicate and coordinate through private servers that allow you to send text messages and voice chats with other people. In addition, Discord has been trusted by many people so it can be classified as a system that can connect people online with trusted connections and security.

But in order to communicate in groups on Discord we need a group that can be used to gather people without having to worry about it. But how do you create the group? Here are the steps you can take to create a Discord group:


1. Open Discord.

2. Look for the plus sign on the left side of the control panel. When we imagine it to appear written “Add Server”. Press the button.

3. Choose “Create a server” to create a new server.

4. Give the group a name and, if desired, the photo.

5. Your Discord group is ready and operational, invite your friends to do group activities.

6. Use the menu below to make group calls.

That’s it for this tutorial, I hope it’s useful.

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