How to create a group chat in the Steam application

Steam is one of the software or platform which focuses on the gaming aspect where there are many sales of different types of pc / computer based games. Some of the games that are known and are currently being played are in part from platform Steam. Some of these games range from DOTA 2, CSGO to themed games Battle Royale like PUBG. In fact, of the many games on offer, some are free (play for free) and some get paid.

There is a friendship feature in the Steam application that we can use to add friends and play with existing friends. The existence of this friendship feature usually comes very close to this type of game-based game on-line like DOTA 2, CS GO and PUBG. Playing with friends can certainly be more fun. In addition, there are also new functions in the Steam application, namely the Group chats. The existence of this feature enables us to have a room new ones that can be filled in by your friends. Its function as a medium Chat when you play or play games together on-line the.

This time the author will provide a tutorial on how to Group chat in the Steam app. The steps can be seen as follows:

1. Open the Steam application on your PC or laptop.

2. Select Settings from the Steam start menu Friends and chat in the lower right corner.

3. After entering the menu Friends and chat, select the + sign next to the text Group chat (according to the arrow).

4. Then enter the name of the group you want to create and the list of your friends you want to add to the group. When you click Create chat with friends.

5. The results are as follows.

So the tutorial in the making Group chat in the Steam app. Hope it’s useful.

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