How to create a green screen in video and GIF without application

Green screen is Special effects which is used to combine two images into one frame. This technique is also known as Chroma key, color keying, color separation overlay (CSO) or blue screen (when using a blue screen). Green screen Used as a backdrop in the making of films or other visual communication projects.

The purpose of usage green screen is to simplify the process of editing or editing, e.g. B. changing the background, creating illusions and creating pictures effect secure. Then why should you use green? Because green is a color that human pigments do not have when filming green screen Artists are not allowed to wear green clothes.

When will I get the video for the first time? green screen, we have to prepare background green rag, but as time goes on, we can rely on applications. There are many video editing apps that offer video creation green screen which can be download free of charge in the Play Store Android or IOS.

However, with the application contained on the unchecked website, we can green screen on videos. Apart from the fact that I don’t have todownload Application we can also convert GIF images to green screen.

Then how do you do green screen in the video or GIF image on the site without a screen? It’s easy, you just have to follow a few simple steps below.


1. Use only the Google Chrome browser on your computer or Android or IOS device. Enter the address of the Unscreen website on Select the link ‘Upload clip‘to record a video from your computer or device gallery. Or choose the link ‘GIF search‘to search for existing GIF images on the screen.

2. Select the video in your device gallery. You don’t need to choose a long duration video as this application only creates a video length of 5 seconds.

3. AI (Artificial Intelligence) or artificial intelligence stored on the website that is not displayed will be deleted immediately background Video or GIF image.

4. The results are as follows.

5. How to add a view green screen Select in the video or GIF image menucolour – Select Green screen‘. Click button download to save videos.

6. Done, your video or GIF image already has a view green screen.

7. In addition to the display green screen, we can also easily add videos, pictures or other colors to deleted videos or GIF images background-his. Here is a video ad or GIF image that is a different image.

Hence the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to Make Green screen in video and GIF without app ‘. Much luck.

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