How to Create a Glowing Rainbow Stamp on Android

Like the name rubber stamp or a stamp used to claim the personal copyright of unscrupulous people plagiarist or Imitators. rubber stamp has almost the same function as Watermark This is a form of marking in the form of pictures or writing to indicate the ownership of the work in the form of videos, photos or on official letters. But in this tutorial you can use rubber stamp that’s for the purpose Videos that you Upload in Youtube as a sign that the video is yours and the original work of your own hands to avoid threats plagiarist.

If you just find stamps in general rubber stamp that is just black or white, or just use one or two colors, this time I’ll make an innovation by giving Rainbow glow effect or a glowing rainbow effect on the stamp.

For more details, do the following:

1. iTo install PicSay app on Android.

Download PicSay Pro Android

2. Run the PicSay application, Tap Get a Picture – New Blank Picture – Enter a 3000 × 3000 scale with background transparent Create. Regarding the size, it can be adjusted according to your wishes, whereby it should be noted that the scale is the same and the size is not too small.

3. The next step is the input Sticker shapes from – Tap selection Sticker – Basic To shape – Select to shape round. Make sure you select the effect Shape line or just rounded lines, or you can choose the shape you want. In this tutorial, I’ll be using shape Circle.

4. Afterwards to shape the one you selected appears, Tap on the circle around shape it then choose duplicate and zoom out the screen to shape with two fingers and then zoom out with one the forms so that two different shapes appear as shown in the picture.

5. At this stage you can repeat the third step, which is the selection of the shape to shape Miscellaneous. But make sure at this point to shape You choose a rectangular shape, which will be saved later or placed directly on the small circle in the middle, the placement position can be adjusted according to the desired stamp shape

6. In this phase, namely the provision of effects the shade or shadows Sticker shapes colored like a rainbow. Tap one after the other Shapes – effects – shadows. You can go to shape everywhere, afterwards Tap the checklist icon that’s in the top right corner.

7. Next, delete the line on the edge of the box in the middle of the circle according to the example. from Tap on Shapes Crate – Delete parts – then delete to shape on the part of the picture I circled below. And you can see the results in the last picture.

8. At this stage you add text. Tap selection sticker title – enter a word, or initials, then save it in the middle of the box as shown below.

9. The next step is to add text Circle that you keep on the edge of the circle by following the same steps as you did when adding text in the previous phase to make it circular, Tap the sentence that is formed like a circle – effectCarcular wrap, then set up the circle view maximum, and you can adjust the size and layout with the edge of the circle like in the example below.

10. In the Add section Rainbow glowing effect – Select menu effect down – then look Rainbow effect – and Tap the checklist icon in the upper right corner.

11. In the final phase of this tutorial – tap the share icon in the lower menu – Share pictures in albums, and make sure you don’t change the type FilesYou to .jpg then to save

12 Done, good luck

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