How to Create a Free Website Using Wix on Android

You can also use Wix in the Android app to create your own website and publish a website using the mobile version of the web browser.

Wix also provides a subdomain of Wix itself so that your website is publicly available, namely for free. If you want to set up a custom domain on your Wix website, you must first pay for a monthly subscription.

This time I used a free subscription to build my own website with Wix.

The author will provide instructions on how to build your own website using Wix on Android. The aim of this tutorial is to make it easier for you to create your own website using only Wix as the web builder and Android as the tool.


1. Tap the Main Menu.

2. Open the Wix app on your Android. If you don’t have the Wix app installed, you can download the app in the Google Play Store.

3. Tap to log in as usual. If you don’t have a Wix account, you can register as usual.

4. Tap the (+) Icon to create a new website.

5. Select the category you want.

6. Enter the name of your website title. Then tap Next.

7. Select the features that you want to include in your new website. Then click on Next.

8. Tap dashboard to view the activity of your newly created website.

9. You can see everything in your website activity created on Wix. B. View members, view statistics, view services, accept invitation links, and so on.

However, the website is in an unpublished state so the website will not be open to the public. You can continue with the steps above to publish your website created on Wix using the Android app using the mobile version of the web browser.

10. Activate the web browser application installed on Android.

11. Go to

12. Do Sign up how general.

13. Tap the new website you created earlier. Then tap Edit website do publish your website.

14. If your website hasn’t been edited, tap Publish.

15. Tap outlook to copy your published website link (publish).

16. Paste it on a new page to see the results of your website ad created in Wix over Android.


So you can easily create your own website without programming. Only Wix and Android applications allow you to create your own website that suits your needs or needs.

Here’s how to create a free website using Wix on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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