How to Create a Free SSH Account along with the Site (Internet Speeding)

Some of you may still be confused, what is SSH? If you already know it, maybe you are wondering how to create a free SSH account?

You will get several advantages if you use SSH, namely download movies, stream movies and surf for free. Because SSH gives us a way to bypass other protocols like FTP.

Well, that’s right, guys. Because today, we will discuss how to create a free SSH account and how to use it.

Well, let’s go straight, guys, check out the following article!

How to Create an SSH Account

To create an SSH account, it’s not difficult, guys, follow these steps, guys!

  • First, Choose a site that you want. For example, here we use the site

Using Fastssh Situs Site

  • Second, Choose any Indonesian server you want. For example, here we choose “SSH Server Indonesia ZXC 3”.

Choose the Indonesian Server You Want

  • Third, Create an SSH account by entering Usernameā€ and Passwords”. Then, select “Create Account”.

Enter ‘Username’ ‘Password’, then select ‘Create Account’

  • Fourth, If you have chosen “Create Account”, a notification will appear automatically that the SSH Account was created successfully.

SSH Account Notification Created Successfully

  • Fifth, If you have received a notification, scroll up on the menu, guys to find out Host and port-his.

Scroll up to find out the ‘Host’ and its ‘Port’.

Optional Website For Making SSH

If you create a gmail account or social media account, you must make it directly in the application, right guys? Well, for this one method, it’s a little different, you have to use the website first, guys.

Here are some websites that can be used to create an SSH account!

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