How to Create a Flappy Jump Game Using JavaScript

Flappy Bird Games

In addition to the flappy bird game, we can also create a flappy jump game using the JavaScript programming language. Unlike the Flappy bird game that flies away from the pipes, the Flappy Jump game is designed to fly to higher grass.

How can you then use the JavaScript programming language to create a flap jump game? It’s easy, let’s just open your computer and do the following.


1. Download first the plugin files and support files. Put all supporting files in the same folder as the index.html file.

2. Open the XAMPP control panel and activate Apache.

3. Open the text editor program installed on your computer, here I use the text editor Notepad ++. Enter the following HTML5 code.

                Membuat Game Flappy Jump dengan JavaScript       

Save the above HTML5 code in the xampplite folder – htdocs – create a new folder named FlappyJump – save the code above with the name index.html.

4. To see the results of the script code above, you can open your browser and type http: // localhost / FlappyJump.

5. To make Game backgrounds, open a new worksheet in a text editor and enter the following CSS code.

body {    margin: 0;    font-family: Helvetica, Georgia, Consolas;    background-color: #b22222;}a,a:hover,a:active,a:focus {    color: white;}.header {    width: 100%;    height: 200px;    background: #3498db;    color: white;}.header .container {    padding: 10px 0;}.container {    width: 980px;    margin: 0 auto;}#game-iframe {    width: 320px;    height: 480px;    position: relative;    margin-top: 50px;    left: 330px;}#adsense-iframe {    width: 100%;}#fork-me {    position: absolute;    top: 0;    right: 0;}

Save the above CSS code in the xampplite folder – htdocs – select folder FlappyJump – Select folder src – save the code above with the name style.css.

6. Reload the URL address: http: // localhost / FlappyJump. Here is the view Game backgrounds.

7. To view the game and play the game, open the index.html file again and enter the following JavaScript code between the codes ….

Don’t forget Ctrl + S.

8. Reload the URL address: http: // localhost / FlappyJump. Click button walk to start the game. Use the up arrow and left-right buttons to play.

Try to keep the flap up and not fall. Every time it goes up, the score increases.

Appearance game over, click try again to start a new game.

9. Done, very interesting, isn’t it?

Hence the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to Make Games Flappy Jump with JavaScript ‘. Much luck.

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