How to create a fake location on the Android path

Path is one of the most popular social media in Indonesia today. Because we can post different ways in Path, such as pictures, songs or films that are heard or viewed, Check in Place where the path already has a new feature that includes stories like Instagram and Snapchat.

For everyone who likes to run or travel then of course the Path application on your smartphone cannot be overlooked. Because usually wherever you are, you will definitely share it in this Path application so that your friends can see that you are on the go or you are going travel where the hell!

Well this time for those of you who might want to take a vacation but don’t have money and want to look like you still exist with your friends on Path, there is a solution. That is, by a fake location or fake place like you are in that place.

Required conditions

Info: This tutorial can no longer be used. Because the PATH service is closed.

How to create a fake location in Path

1. First, install the Path and Fake GPS application.

2. Then open “settings“and open”Developer options“.

3. Check for activateAllow mock locations“.

4. Activate GPS / location in Smartphone She.

5. Open the fake GPS application and enter the desired location in the field Seek.

6. Click the green button for OK.

7. Then open the Paths application and view your current location.

8. You can too Check in Place where you want.

9. Tare! yes you made it in bangkok now

Yes this is my short tutorial, I hope it is useful. If it’s still not clear, please watch the video tutorial below.

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