How to Create a Facebook Messenger Live Chat Button on Blogger

Specialty Live chat or live chat is a feature that can make it easier for a visitor or customer to a website to contact the website owner, be it for advice or other matters.

Usually functions Live chat This is installed on an e-commerce website. But not infrequently also features Live chat installed on a personal website, the function of which is nothing other than to make it easier for visitors to contact the website operator.

In this article, the author will provide a short tutorial How to Create a Facebook Messenger Live Chat Button on Blogger. Here we use the plugin Chat messenger Provided by Facebook. If you are interested in installing this feature, you can check out the tutorial below.

1. Sign in to the account Facebook You then make 1 fan page. For the tutorial, you can see the link below.

How to create a Facebook fan page on Android

2. If you already have fan page, then select the Menu tab Arrangement – Select Messenger platforms – Customer Chat Plugin – Set Up.

3. After appearing Pop up you can click Keep going and enter the words of welcome in the column.

Examples of frequently used greeting words “Hello! Is there anything you can do to help? ”Or you can adjust it to your liking. Next, adjust and select the display color to your liking Next If it is already.

4. Continue after you have entered the URL on the last page Website – Save – Copy and paste the script code into the notepad first.

5. Next, log into the account Blogger Themes HTML Edit.

6. Then copy the script code and paste it below the code

Note: The script code should be parsed first to avoid errors. You can parse it here

7th Save topic.

Here is the view Facebook Messenger live chat button installed in Blogger.

So many tutorials How to Create a Facebook Messenger Live Chat Button on Blogger that the author shares with you. If you have any questions about this item, please feel free to leave a comment below. Hope it’s useful.

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