How to create a custom chat background for every WhatsApp contact

Tired of looking background Chat Is that all WhatsApp? Would you like to customize Chat backgrounds different with each contact? Come on change Chat backgrounds in each of your contacts so that WhatsApp is even more fun to use.

Almost all owners Smartphone currently uses the WhatsApp application. It’s WhatsApp delivery boy now it’s an app Chat Number one in the world including Indonesia.

WhatsApp is a messaging application that is quite light weight and has a lot of features, so it is in great demand by a lot of people.

Even the existence of WhatsApp itself is very simple for us in terms of sending pictures or sending videos, as well as other document files. Very helpful for our daily activities.

Well of course if you are an active WhatsApp user you know the name Chat backgrounds. Yes sir, Chat backgrounds is the background of the chat display when calling or sending a message with a contact.

WhatsApp itself has provided a feature to change the background to keep us away from boredom. Unfortunately, its functions are still limited, namely to replace the entire contact. This time inwepo has a little trick to change it Chat backgrounds be different in each of your contacts. Check out the direct steps below

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1. The first step, make sure you have them alldownload WhatsApp application mod version of Fm WhatsApp, please download here.

2. In the second step, open the FM WhatsApp application and log into your respective accounts. When you’re logged in, just go Tap 3 dots in the upper right corner. Several menus will appear later, just select the YoMods menu.

3. In the third step, simply select the “Conversation Screen” menu in the WhatsApp FM Mod menu. Next scroll Select and activate it at the bottom of the MOD menu Background images Custom each contact.

4. In the fourth step, try to go back to the WhatsApp home screen. Then select a contact and change it background Chatshe with Tap 3 dots and then select the wallpaper menu. Change Wallpaper according to your wishes. You can try to adapt or differentiate Wallpaper from one contact to another.

5. In the fifth step, you can also customize the background Chat each contact corresponds to the profile photo that he wears. The method is still the same as above, just enable the profile photo menu Background images.

That’s all for Tutorials Hopefully this time it will be useful and don’t forget to read other interesting tutorials on Inwepo.

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