How to create a current outline on photos with PicsArt Android

One of the most popular applications for editing photos or pictures on Android is PicsArt. In its use as well interfaceOn the other hand, PicsArt makes it easy for its users. There are also many functions available there to make pictures more attractive. For example to achieve additional effects and editing other creative.

One of the functions editing Making our photos more interesting is with the features to draw to add other objects that we draw ourselves, like in the tutorial that we are going to discuss this time. That is to be done structure which is quite a trend right now.

Here are the steps right away:

1. Open the PicsArt application if you cannot download it for free from the Play Store first.

Download PicsArt on the Play Store

2. Select the photo or picture that you want to edit. For example, the following photo was obtained from Next, tap to draw At Tools, to draw outlineenja.

3. Select then tap the icon brush with far left and at the top. adjust size or the size of the outline that is specified and enlarge it opacityit up to 100%. For example like this.

4. Then bet colour or color with white (can be creative with other colors too).

5. Pictures structure by following the exterior of the object of the photo or image and other parts. We can use tools in this process Input pen to draw it when it feels more comfortable.

During this process, zoom in or out on the image to make the outlines cleaner. Also, draw an outline with details in specific parts like eyes, hair, eyebrows and others.

6. When you are finished, select the layer Tools.

then choose transform There are three dots in the upper right corner of the application.

7. Place or drag the outline as desired and when you have selected the check mark.

8. Click the checkmark again and save it to the gallery. Complete.


As? Pretty easy, isn’t it? This is the tutorial on how to do it structure Keep up to date with photos with PicsArt Android. Hope it’s useful.

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