How to Create a Cool Social Media Profile Photo

Your profile photo looks normal, nothing unique and different from other profile photos? Come on, try these tips from Inwepo to make your profile photo cooler.

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Hey, who doesn’t have a social media account to this day? Of course everyone has that! Even one user can have multiple accounts on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many others. It is not necessary to have social media, but some of us definitely have reasons for what media accounts are created for. Whether it’s just for fun because most people have it too, or just to see and find entertainment, it can even be for business reasons.

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Many of us have reasons of our own. In all social media, of course, we know the name of the profile or user profile page. Yes, there is usually a short bio and profile photo. Well, what gets the most attention when visiting someone on social media is, of course, their profile photo. Whatever the purpose of social media, of course, a good profile photo is expected because it will grab the attention of other users.

Right now, almost all social media no longer uses a square shape, but a round shape or round. In order for your profile photo to look interesting, it’s a good idea to try it out Tutorials which was shared below inwepo.


1. The first thing you need to do is go to When you’re done, look for the menu OPEN PROFILE PICTURER.

How to Create a Cool Round Social Media Profile Photo

2. Tap menu Insert photo to enter your photo or picture. Use the menu below to do this editing Additive. Use the menu COLOURto adjust the color Limits.

How to Create a Cool Round Social Media Profile Photo

3. Then set the margin size if you want thick or thin with Tap menu SIZE then swipe – slide menu Slider what is written about it. Add to text At Limits Use the menu text.

How to Create a Cool Round Social Media Profile Photo

4. You can also use effects filter on your photo by pressing menu FILTER. Finally, tap the checkmark and Tap TO SAVE IMAGE to save and use for media profile photos.

How to Create a Cool Round Social Media Profile Photo


Creating an attractive profile is not difficult, especially with the existence of sophisticated websites that help us create an attractive profile. In addition, almost all media profiles are now round, of course your social media profile now looks more attractive than usual. Good luck!

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