How to Create a Cool Hairy Emoji (Pilakalu Emoji)

What do you think of when you hear the word Emoticon? Yes, definitely remember the funny face expression characters with round shapes. What if the emoji had hair this time? Of course, I’m curious how to do it. Read on for the article below so you can create a hair emoji.

During the pandemic up to now, of course, all of you have often done something daily when communicating via social media. Whether Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or other social media.

The habit of using or engaging in activities with social media spawned a new innovation. In order to naturally make communication more creative and fun, you’ve seen a lot of people lately and still become friends hip, trendy, popular Subject over Emoticon who has hair. Well what exactly Emoticon this hair? And how do you do it?

Hairy Emoji (Pilakala Emoji)

Emoticon Hair or you can pilakalu it. to name Emoticon This is Emoticon that you usually send in messages Chat as well as comments in ig and others. The only difference is Emoticon it has hair.

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Pilakalu itself comes from the Telugu language, which means hair or comb. actually Emoticon that is only Emoticon simple, but in combination with text symbols. Finally a new color or a new variant of produce Emoticon who wears hair.


1. To make Emoticon The hair that you can use for the first two options is Telegram. You open your Telegram application immediately and search for it in the group search column Tech Navi. Next life Tap 3 dots in the upper right corner to show other menus.

How to Create a Cool Hairy Emoji (Pilakala Emoji)

2. Select menu Go to First to go straight Chat Firstly, there are now a lot of icons that you can use to create a hairy emoji, plus there are also muscular hands and many others.

How to Create a Cool Hairy Emoji (Pilakala Emoji)

3. This is the second method, you can open the telegraph link below directly Tap here, then copy and paste and type in the column Chat WhatsApp or other social media. You just add Emoticon that you want to send between text hairy.

How to Create a Cool Hairy Emoji (Pilakala Emoji)


It’s very easy not to make an old-fashioned emoji? You stay here copy paste simply without having to disturb To install Third party applications or similar. Unique, you can use this emoji anywhere. away Chat, answer in the comment column to Status updates.

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